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*Do you know that the United Nations has warned that the Igbo language is in danger of dying?


BooksLarge Welcome to Learnigbolanguage.com, a website established for the promotion and preservation of the Igbo language. The estimated population of the Igbo is in the tens of millions. Their ancestral homeland is located in Nigeria, but there is also a vibrant Diaspora community resident in just about every corner of the globe. The Igbo are highly mobile, progressive-minded and have a DNA-coded penchant for assimilating into the culture of their host communities. Consequently, they do not communicate very often in their language. This reticence, the lack of a vibrant literature in Igbo, and several other factors were
the bases for a United Nations’ report several years ago about the Igbo language being alarmingly on the path to extinction. This website aims to teach lessons in the Igbo language, as well as engage in related activities that enhance Igbo language learning—seminars, language immersion programs, presentations
before Igbo communities, Igbo spelling competitions, etc. Finally, we will engage
in intellectually stimulating exercises that promote Igbo culture and values.